News 2014

Autumn - Winter 2014/2015

To sponsor Thadeus, a bright 18 year old lad, through nursing college and to sponsor Isaac through medical school in Kampala. Thadeus and Isaac are being supported so that when they are finished through their studies and qualifies, we be able to set up and staff a medical clinic in the village, in which the provision of care is free at the point of delivery. This clinic will also form the focal point for visiting medics to provide help and support to Thadeus, Isaac and the community... contact me.

September 2014

Three more tanks are installed in the Nkuringo area. This time they are installed outside of the village further along the ridge and down the hill. The tanks have been installed against community houses where crops are stored. This means that houses in the area can use the water communally.

September 2014

Florence and Evelyn posing with Robert and Denise Shaw. Both girls are being funded to stay at school, St Gertrude's in Kisoro, to finish off their O-Levels. I am very keen for children especially girls to stay at school for as long as possible, to pick up certifications to provide them options in their lives in the future.

During our trip we also distributed donated clothes to mothers and kids at the Gorilla Camp. Here is Robert Shaw fitting clothes to a youngster.

September 2014

Another visit, to check up on how Tim is getting on with the music school. We also put in another 3 water tanks outside the village area this time, to service some of the smaller communities in more remote parts of the valley and ridge.

Two local girls are also being sponsored to stay in school to finish off their O-Levels.

The Music school students posing for a picture. There is another shipment of musical instruments arriving in September. These include a guitar, keyboard, a melodia, more harmonicas and ukeleles as well as two violins, a glockenspiel and some percussion instruments.

June 2014

I am organising a further three water tanks to be installed in the Nkuringo (Uganda) community area (this time a bit further down the ridge and in some less accessible places). I am getting these ready for installation in mid-September. Last month we installed three water tanks in the village. The rains have now come and these are filling up nicely before the dry season returns in July. These water tanks provide water for 600 people. Before the tanks, the community had to hike down the hill side (a big hill) to collect water from the stream and then a big climb back up.

May 2014

I visit Nkuringo, with six other members of Vistage, an organisation that brings together business leaders that help to make a difference. I will be delivering the musical instruments to the school as well as case loads of clothes and books! Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me.

The Vistage team have helped fund three water tanks. Each water tank costs $800 and can service 200 persons. The village has 600 people.

As this village is perched on the mountain top, the only way to get water is to collect it from the stream. The stream just so happens to be 700 metre in the valley below the village.

So just picture standing on top of a high cliff here in the UK, say in the Isle of Wight or around Dover.

The height of those cliffs are no more than 160 metres.

Just imagine the need to clamber down steep valleys four times the height of Beachy Head to collect something as basic as water.

Update - Dan Hook MD of ASV, stands besides the water tank he sponsored. Dan also mixed the concrete, whilst the rest of the Vistage team helped in the preparations. The water tanks are to be fed by rain water from run off from roofs.

May 2014

Niel Wilkie from Vistage, is organising t-shirts for the school (and us).

May 2014

Selina, from Cheeky Rascals is in the local news on her impending trip to Nkuringo with other members of Vistage - View clipping

April 2014

I am collecting musical instruments suitable for children. I am looking for recorders, ukuleles, half size and three quarter size violins. Can you have look in your loft or your garage to see if you have any aging instruments no longer in use that could do with a new home. Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me.

Update - I have found a music teacher (Tim alias MC Kiga (pronounced chiga) - ) to work with schools around the area and the community itself. Tim has studied music at university in Uganda.
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