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Education is vital to any child, no matter their geographic location, ability, or gender. This offers children a helping hand to learn, improve and achieve anything by giving them the resources to develop into a strong asset for their community. Singing Gorilla Projects have built several classrooms to allow these children to improve their learning journeys. Previously the school in Nkuringo had 7 classrooms, with 400 children spread between these. In 2018, Singing Gorilla Projects built two new classrooms, reducing from almost 60 children per classroom to around 45, allowing more space for each child to learn and grow. The cost to school a child for a year is £170, please donate where possible to help these children have the best start to their educational journey possible.


Prosper is 13, his father is bedridden and has been for 10 years.

He is in the top tier of his class and wants to be a Doctor when he is older.

Francis Mucunguzi

Francis is 15 and attends Ntungamo Primary School, he is in the top tier of his class and wants to be a Teacher when he grows up.

Benjamin Tukambebwa

Benjamin Tukambebwa is 16 and attends Iryaruvumba High School, his mother has HIV and he cares for his siblings after school. He hopes to study to become a lawyer at University.

Juniour Ndyamuhak

Juniour is 5 years old and is at the start of his education, he comes from an extremely poor family and really needs our support.

Shivan Niwarimpa

Shivan Niwarimpa is 13 and attends Iryaruvumba High School, she has multiple siblings and comes from a very poor family, like Robert she is in the top tier of her class and has aspirations of becoming a Doctor.

Catherine Nyiransaba

Catherine Nyiransaba is 10 and always achieves outstanding school reports and hope to be given the opportunity to attend High School. Her parents are extremely poor and she has to live away from home whilst at school.

Dorothy Orishaba

Dorothy Orishaba is 12 years old and attends Ntungamo Primary School, she is from a village called Mulore and she has to walk 7 miles to get to school each day. She is an extremely talented singer and dancer.


Chrispus is 11 years old, he is the son of one of the Singing Gorilla Project managers who unfortunately passed away last year. He attends Rubuguri Child Care primary school with his sister Gloria and is extremely bright.


Devis is 13 and his family is very poor.

He is in the top tier of his class and wants to be a Teacher when he is older.