2019 news

May 2019 - The maternity and pediatric ward

The roof is now on the maternity and pediatric ward, waiting for iron sheets to complete. The doors and windows will be installed next. The building is expected to be completed by the end of August.

May 2019 - The Music School

The music school marching band performs in Rubuguri.

The music school performs in the grounds of St Joseph's Primary School in Rubuguri.

May 2019 - Akengayo

The classroom at Akengayo is now ready for the floor to go in ready for the start of term at the end of May.

May 2019 - Iron sheets

Singing Gorilla Projects has funded the re-roofing of six schools in the area with iron sheets. Each school has receieved 100 iron sheets. The schools are in the villages of Mwumba, Rushabarara, Rutooma as well as Nkuringo Childcare, St Joseph's and Rubuguri Primary in Rubuguri. The iron sheets were delivered to the Volcano House in Nkuringo for collection. Parents and children arrived to collect and transport the iron sheets on foot back to the schools. Many of the schools are significant distances from the Volcano House. The local community shows an amzaing spirit of team work to work together for the benefit of their community schools.

May 2019 - Murore

The classroom

The classroom at Murore is now complete and has been used for classes already. This was funded by our friends Kevin and Dawn Smith from Chicago.

The plaque - "Education is the key to opportunity"

The plaque on the classroom at Murore.

The latrines

The new eight stanza latrines at the school.

The girls changing room

The new girls changing room, now a standard feature in the facilities Singing Gorilla Projects builds. Not only does this mean that girls continue to stay at school, the overall drop out of girls is set to decline.

April 2019 - Suma

The latrines

The new eight stanza latrines at the school opening ceremony, with project director Chris Read and Pius Rwomushana the manager for education projects.

The girls changing room

The new girls changing room, a new innovation for schools. These have been built to encourage girls to stay at school, whilst they are menstruating. In the past many would not come to school whilst having their periods. The changing rooms give the girls a private space.

March 2019

The construction of the Nkuringo Green Hill Health Centre Maternity and Paedeatric wards take shape. The ward is due to be finished by the end of April. This will be followed by a fit out with services commencing in 2020.

February 2019

The first day of term with the Iryavumba crew. Girls and boys in their secondary school looking forward to term time. Most of these kids are effected buy HIV in one way or another. Singing Gorila Projects supports the school with the intake of HIV possitive children.