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Shopping List


School Pack

The School packs consists of a text book, a note book, a pencil case (including pens, pencils, an eraser, a ruler and a pencil sharpener) and a calculator.

This equipment is extremely vital in transforming the working environment of the schools in Nkuringo, allowing the children to benefit from greater resources in their journey through education. A school pack costs just £15 to purchase, a small price to allow a child to get the best possible start to their education.


Light to read

The Light to Read initiative focuses on the instillation of solar panels to power lightbulbs, which in turn improves the conditions for reading. This in turn helps to support education initiatives by allowing greater studying conditions.

The cost of sponsoring this initiative is £20, this will hugely benefit people across the community.


Water tanks

Water tanks are designed to store harvested rain water in an area with difficulty gaining water supplies. These water tanks transform the lives of the local communities by providing accessible clean and safe water.

Currently, Singing Gorilla Projects have installed well over 30 water tanks in the area of Nkuringo, Uganda as part of the Water Wealth Driving Health Project. This is a transformational project for both locals and sponsors of the tanks, as parties can work together to install the tanks. A water tank costs £600 to purchase, which can hold up the 3000 litres for the village.


Water filter

Water filters remove unwanted impurities from water, such as sediment, bacteria, taste and odour to result in better quality water.This is particularly important in Uganda, where clean and safe water is not an abundant resource, improving the lives of those in the local community of Nkuringo. Each water filter costs £200 to purchase.



Education is vital to any child, no matter their geographic location, ability, or gender. This offers children a helping hand to learn, improve and achieve anything by giving them the resources to develop into a strong asset for their community.Singing Gorilla Projects have built several classrooms to allow these children to improve their learning journeys. Previously the school in Nkuringo had 7 classrooms, with 400 children spread between these. In 2017, Singing Gorilla Projects built two new classrooms, reducing from almost 60 children per classroom to around 45, allowing more space for each child to learn and grow. The cost to school a child for a year is £170, please donate where possible to help these children have the best start to their educational journey possible.
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