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Improving health and welfare of remote communities through education, providing healthcare and clean water

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Deliver choices, enrich communities with education, healthcare and water

Singing Gorilla Projects (SGP) funds and manages community-based projects in remote parts of Uganda that improve the welfare of communities and enriches the lives of individuals. SGP builds and manages health facilities, builds schools and sponsors children to continue their schooling, and funds water delivery programs with water tanks, water filters and water pumping projects.

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Current Projects

Empower Her

Empower Her - is a project to provide girls aged 15 - 20 who have had their education interrupted by teenage pregnancy to develop skills to support themselves.

The Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded to children who attain grade passes above a defined level and show a capability and willingness to be awarded.

The Solar Panels

It gets dark every day at 6pm. When the kids return from school the only light to read with are from paraffin lights. SGP are installing solar panels to power lights, which will enable the children to continue to do their homework after dark.

More Projects

Where do Singing Gorilla Projects work?

SGP work on the Nteko ridge and the surrounding hills in the Kisoro district of Uganda, a stone throw away from the DR Congo border, close by to Bwindi, the home of the majestic mountain gorilla.

Kisoro district & THE NTEKO RIDGE

Much of the project work is done in and around the Nteko ridge, a ridge that rises up from the town of Kisoro and Lake Mutanda in the south of Uganda. At the highest point of the ridge is the village of Nkuringo.

Where is Nkuringo?

Nkuringo is perched on top of the Nteko ridge separating the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the last remaining refuge of the endangered mountain gorilla, and the rolling hills of south west Uganda, that lead to the mighty Virunga volcanos on the Rwanda, DR Congo border. It is a place of immense beauty and fragilty, a truly special place on Earth.

Nkuringo is a village with a vibrant trading center and lodges for tourists. Nkuringo is in a sub-county called Nyabweishenya. The population of the area is growing rapidly; it is expected to triple by the year 2050. This growth in the population will present significant challenges to Uganda. Whichever way you look at it, this is a really scary statistic on many fronts, from the provision of health services, education, to economic development and food production, not least the effect on the environment.

42 Essays & 42 Pictures

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Chris Read, Founder of SGP, was commissioned to write a weekly opinion piece on the thoughts of a business leader during this time. These 42 pieces have been authored as short essays into the book, '42'. Each one of these 42 essays is accompanied by a picture of characters, personalities, and the reality of day-to-day life in rural Uganda, the home of the charity Singing Gorilla Projects.

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42: The booklet