The Solar Panels Project

Singing Gorilla Projects has installed 15 solar panels in various villages in the Nkuringo community. This has meant that families, who had previously had no access to electricity, can now light their homes at night.

We installed one panel in the Faidah family's home in a remote village near the DRC border called Kakoka. Due to being unreachable by car, there are no power lines connected to any of the homes in Kakoka. After trekking down to the house where the panel was to be installed, work began on installing the panel.

Members of the community, Francis and Zaverio, who are trained electricians helped in installing them. Francis went up onto the roof with the panel to place it in a position which would best pick up the light from the sun. Once on the roof, the panel was secured and connected to wires that ran down to a battery. Francis and Zaverio then connected the battery up to bulbs around the house and outside the front door. Allowing for the Faidah family to have a clean source of electricity to power and light their home at night.

SGP would not be able to help the Nkuringo community with projects like this without the support and help from its donors. If you wish to help more families, who currently have no access to electricity, power their homes, then please get in contact to donate.
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