Project Healthcare

The Nkuringo Green Hill Health Centre (NGHH)

Singing Gorilla Projects (SGP) provides funding for the development of the Nkuringo Green Hill Health Centre (NGHH).

The objective of this Type III (Ugandan health clinic classification) is to be able to provide health services, guided by the Uganda Ministry of Health, delivered by the community. As a Type III facility, the Nkuringo Green Hill Health Centre, provides; GP services, antenatal and maternity facilities, minor surgeries and a laboratory. To support the maternity facility there are two wards providing accomodation for in and outpatients.

The goal is to work closely with the community, Ministry of Health and with the Uganda Catholic Medical Board (UCMB) to develop NGHH into a hospital facility. SGP supplies funds for:

  • Drugs
  • Facilities management
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Payroll of staff
  • Training of staff

SGP is funding the education of young adults from the community on medical courses to become clinical officers, midwives and nurses.

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The Health Projects are managed by Arthur Kajubwami.
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