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The Water Tanks

Water and Sanitiation - The Water Wealth Driving Health project is the installation and provision of water tanks and distribution of clothes to communities.

Water projects are based around the delivery of three types of initiatives:

  1. Water tank installation, (3,000 litre and 5,000 litre)
  2. Water borehole projects and provision of community dringing water services
  3. Water pipe research and installation (use of hydraulic ram technology)
  4. Water filter installation

Since 2014, 80 water tanks and water filters have been installed over an extensive area. Water tanks and water filters have been installed across Nteko Ridge, from the DRC border to Nkuringo to Rubuguri and onwards to Kisoro and Lake Mutanda areas in the Kisoro District and across the Wakiso district.

These have been popular and transformational projects for both locals and sponsors, as these installations provide an opportunity for the community and sponsors to work together. Without these water tanks, it had been the daily responsibility for the children to fetch the water. Sometimes, these journeys to fetch water are over considerable distances. With the installation of the water tanks, close to the places where people live, the children can spend more time spent at school, improving their education and providing better choices for their lives.

The project manager decides upon the location of the water tanks and the community then gets involved in installing the tanks. The tanks are transported by truck and on foot to the location. Concrete is mixed, bricks are laid, the tanks are placed and to finish off the gutters are positioned to direct the water flow from the rooves of buildings.

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